22 - 23 October, 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Fabrizio Puglisi

GCC Tourism Expert & Senior Consultant Destination Italia

11:30 AM The Italian perspective: Learning from home of cultural tourism

Italy has a total of 51 sites inscribed on the UNESCO list, making it the country with the highest number of World Heritage sites that are present across the entire country. This historic-artistic heritage includes hundreds of archaeological sites and over 3000 museums that can all be visited. To promote this amazing cultural heritage and increase the tourism flows to the Italian cultural destinations, the Italian, GCC Tourism Expert, Fabrizio Puglisi will give us an overview of what has been done in the Middle East from the public and private perspective.

2:00 PM What does the future hold for cultural tourism in the Middle East?

Across the Middle East region, there is an unparalleled programme of investment and development to grow tourist numbers and revenues. With large investments in cultural tourism in the Middle East this session will discuss what the future holds.
  • How will cultural tourism evolve by 2020 in the Middle East
  • How much will cultural tourism contribute to the region’s economic growth by 2020?
  • Lessons learned: What can the Middle East learn from other countries who are successfully integrating culture and tourism


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